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The Pipslayer Club.

The One-Of-A-Kind “Fraternity” Of Elite Traders Where...


A trader turned a $2,800 deposit into $23,018 (+719% in 13 months)... while he kicked back and relaxed¹... 

And another trader earned $3076.02 from a $10,000 investment in 3 months... on 99% auto-pilot²...

And yet another trader DOUBLES his $5,000 deposit every month (he made $4,848 in July)... while barely touching it!³

(All results are MyFxBook verified. All profit earned is real money.)

(But... I have to warn you... do not believe a word I say!)

(I'm simply reporting to you my clients' results. They are not typical... but... as you have discovered — with the power of the 'Magic Button' — it is very possible for nearly anyone to double their deposit in a matter of months.)

(And in a few short minutes, you will also discover how you can get one of the most famous EAs in the world... for free…)

(Read on!)


From The Desk Of Elland McKennon

Dear Friend And Fellow Trader,

Are you excited?

Hold your horses! And keep your greedy little hands off my suit.

Soon I'll give you all the juicy details.

But first, let's recap what you're getting when you join The Pipslayer Club…


What Exactly Does A Member Of The Pipslayer Club Get?

Of course, you'll get our automated money-making monster — The Pipslayer EA.

What's more, you'll also get 3 free bonuses to help you squeeze every possible ounce of profit out of the EA!

1. Pipslayer EA License

  • 370 day license… which means 53 weeks of profit taking potential!
  • Super simple setup! Runs on MT4!
  • Technical problems? Get VIP support via my private Telegram account!
  • Special features:
    • Magic Button that automatically avoids potentially deadly trading days...
    • Stop-Loss precisely tuned to protect your profits in 2021!
    • Anti-Cracking Defense to keep your trading secure!
    • NO Martingale!
  • And if you missed my proof of earnings, you can see them again here — but please keep the drooling to a minimum...

2. Software Updates - FREE!

  • As you may know, my EAs make me more than enough money every month… and… unlike the desperate EA builders out there… I don't need to sell EAs for a living!
  • That’s why I won’t abandon The Pipslayer Club (although it’s more profitable for me to move on to the next new project)… and…I will stay and watch after your profits by updating regularly!
  • I will painstakingly tune the EA to "milk" the market in the most profitable way possible — and you'll get the fruits of all that expensive development (as long as you're a Member) — for $0.00!
  • Inside... I reveal the exact settings that got me 650% gain in 6.5 months!
  • Risk management system! “Stop-loss secrets”! Etc!

3. Secret Manual: The Pipslayer Strategy - FREE!

  • The exciting contents of this secret manual allows a new trader with 10 days of experience... to operate the Pipslayer EA 99% as expertly as.... a veteran with 10 years under the belt!
  • Worth $1,000... but you'll get it for free!
  • Members gather here with one united purpose: to Take Profit!
  • Get free gifts (like the one I'll talk about below)!
  • Receive first-priority access to any new winning EA I develop!
  • Receive key trading news from me to protect your profits!

Join The
Pipslayer Club


4. Private Telegram Group: Only For Members Of The Pipslayer Club - FREE!

But Wait! There's More!

security badges

Remember how I said that… on this page you can get a famous EA for free?

Well, back in March, I sent this message to the Club's Private Telegram Chat. Take a look.


I Think It Has Exceeded My Expectations In Every Possible Way!

Yes, it's true. You too can get your very own copy — simply text me after you've joined the club.

By the way, I love receiving private messages from my clients!

But wait, there's even more!

All existing members receive this bonus EA, free!

Listen: For the past year, I've been "brewing" a new EA in the lab... and...

It's a scalper... and... in the 14 months that I've been running it (with real money)... the drawdown is a remarkable 15.6% only!


Have you ever seen anything like that? In a scalper?

Another account has, for 3 months, brought me 10% per month... with a drawdown of just 2.14%.

Already this EA has made me over $3,000 in profit. And you know the best part?

That's The Good News.

As far as I know... I'm never going to launch it to the public!

Why am I being such a shit about this? The answer is simple: Remember how I told you that Pipslayer is my "life work", and that it's probably never going to be topped by another "mid-risk" EA?

But the bad news is...

So... for the foreseeable future, this EA will remain private.

Well, this EA was built to support the members of The Pipslayer Club (and thank them for placing their trust in me), and wasn't meant to be sold on its own at all.

Plus, I'm a busy man, and launching bites a huge chunk out of my available time and energy.

Maybe I'll launch it at the end of this year when I'm less busy... maybe I won't. You could join my free group and wait...

If so, you're in luck. You see, I hired a data analyst to organize the past results of Pipslayer's 68 current members... and... calculate their average results.

By the way, do you happen to be a “numbers person”? Do statistics interest you?

But for now, the only sure way to get your hands on this rare and profitable EA is to join The Pipslayer Club yourself!

This is truly a free bonus for you to take advantage of when you join. I didn't sneakily raise the price of the Membership after announcing this EA.

You know, even before I announced the existence of this EA, 29 traders paid the full membership fee (down below)... so... this new scalper EA truly free.

Using those results, I've programmed a calculator that you can use to estimate your profits in The Pipslayer Club.

Try it out!

The Price Is Going UP!

Needless to say, past profits do not guarantee future results. You know that!

And, one last thing…

I've said it so many times that I'm getting quite tired of it... but... when the gain of the account below reaches 800%...


It's happened before: when the gain hit 700% a few months ago, the price went up from $599 to $999.

And it will happen again as soon as this account (this graph is LIVE — it's the gain right NOW)... reaches 800%!

Within 24 hours, you will receive an access code in your email. You'll also receive access to the Private Telegram Group and the "Secret Manual", which will walk you through the simple set-up.

And... if anything goes wrong... or you have any questions...

Simply Reach out to my personal Telegram Number!

Alternatively... if you would like to start with a free trial…

Also, the gates to The Pipslayer Club will be permanently locked... when it reaches $1,000!

So... if you don't want me to shave $400 off your net profits... act fast! Act now!

When you click this button, you'll be taken to a secure site by third-party payment gateway "Clickbetter.net".

That's the page you'll see!

There, you can use your credit card (so that... if I turn out to be a dirty scammer... you can simply file a dispute and get your money back).

Click this button instead!


Remember... in your free trial, you only get limited settings... including "Risk 1".

It's easy to claim your free trial.

It's not very impressive — my 700+% account runs “Risk 3” — but it’s decent.

In fact, at "Risk 1", there's practically no risk at all!

Alright, that's it...

Here's the “Risk 1” account of a member named KH in the first 10 days...

By the way, after 3 months, he's at 41.46%!

Simply click this button below, fill in the form, and shoot me a text on Telegram.

Remember: You must inform me on Telegram! Tell me your name, email, and MT4 number, and you'll get access as soon as I see the message (within the next day)!

I hope you have a great time swimming in cash... and laughing at the knowledge that you didn't deserve a single cent you earned with The Pipslayer Club.

But life ain't fair...


Elon Musk gets to earn $140 Billion in 2020, George Soros gets to earn $1 Billion in a single trade, and we get to earn a couple sweet grand every month while doing practically nothing.

Or not. Or you can close this page and keep floating along with the current of life.

Go ahead and stick with the EAs that make you a couple hundred after 6 months... and barely pay for themselves.

Keep searching for the “million dollar EA” that exists somewhere out there… (It really does! I've seen it! In their backtests, that is.)

It’s your choice.

Either way... I hope I'll see you on the other side!

Let's Slay Some Pips!

- Elland McKennon

P.S. Are you one of those lazy bums who scrolled all the way down without reading a single word above? I’m kidding. I do that too. So here’s what you need to know...

You’re now invited to join The Pipslayer Club, where you’ll get access to the Pipslayer EA (see results here), and 3 free bonuses to help you earn mountains of money (including more free software, sometimes)…

And you should join fast, because the price goes up soon. There’s no risk because of my 30 day money back guarantee… but… if you're skeptical, you can take me up on the free trial... at zero risk.

P.P.S. If you've got any questions, you can chat me up here. I love receiving messages from new members. See you there!