Forex Traders Assemble... This isn't just a 'new strategy' - This is a new approach to trading that changes everything!

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Dear Friend And Fellow Trader:


If you would like to make a lot of money trading Forex, very quickly, while barely lifting a finger, this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read.


Here is why: my name is Elland McKennon, and, some time ago, I was financially ruined.


My MT4 page displayed nothing but red, and I was on the verge of giving up. Actually, I wasn't just 'financially ruined', I was financially obliterated... and... I was desperate.

In fact, one guy said I was just a nerd and that my idea was so silly, he felt sorry for me!

Oh yeah? Well, I didn't care. I still thought I had a good idea and I put it into action.


And guess what? I did start earning money. And I used that money to trade more which brought in more money. And I used that to trade even more which brought in even more money...


And so on.


Then my balance started turning blue, and I used my profits to develop an 'Expert Advisor' to trade for me.


If you're unfamiliar with what an 'Expert Advisor' (aka EA) is, it is a robot that automatically executes your strategies for you.

(Some traders also insist that there is no way to make money using EA trading. This is not true and I am living proof).


However, if you happen to be one of them, I understand why you would be inclined to think this way... because as traders, we're dealing with a very serious subject - money. Understandably so, we’ll stick to methods that (we think) work for us.


However, we wouldn’t want our ‘traditional thinking’ to deprive us of new and easier ways of making money, would we? Give me a chance to serve you: click here, and let me 'prove' to you that trading with my EA works. Thank you.)


Anyway... where was I? Oh, right, some traders think that EA trading isn’t fun.


Well, it is true that when you trade with EAs, you will no longer have to make so many important decisions with large amounts of money at stake.


Some traders get a thrill out of that, but I personally get a bigger thrill out of…

Seeing money flood into my bank account!

The thing is, EA trading is really good at making the big bucks… because it has many advantages over human trading.


For example, you don't have to deal with unpredictable human emotions which can really mess up your trading day.


Once upon a time, a hardworking Forex Trader studied days of interviews with successful traders - the biggest names in our industry, the guys who trade millions of dollars everyday.

In all those interviews... only ONE common theme stood out to him:

“The 'mechanics' of trading is easy, but the psychology and discipline is hard!”

Enlightened, he made a comment that shook the Forex trading world:


“Every year, 70%-95% of all Forex traders lose money.


Yet there’s still a 5%-30% that makes money, and we all know that this money can be very big.

These people trade—and win—millions.

What sets those successful traders apart from the failures?

Some people would claim that it’s strategy. But, they're mistaken.

Two traders can use the same strategy… and while one makes millions, the other's account blows up.

The difference between success and failure isn't strategy - it's skill.

Skill lies in the application of that strategy - lies in iron-willed discipline and unwaveringly positive trading psychology.

It is discipline and psychology that sets the rich traders apart from the poor.”


He didn’t use these exact words… but I’ve captured the essence of his message as far as I can.

One reason why this comment was so significant… was that it explained...

Why nearly all new Forex traders lose money in their first two years

How long have you traded for? Has there been any point in your career where you nearly quit?


If so, you are not alone. In fact, most Forex traders quit within 2 years.


But… those who persist… will eventually get better… and perhaps even turn a profit one day.


Everyone knows this, but most traders have never considered WHY.


They took it for granted that... it’s because they’re using better strategies as they develop.


But... what this guy revealed... was that this was not the case!


Instead, what was happening was that... they’re becoming more successful... because they’re getting better at using their strategy…


… at discipline and psychology!


Now get this… discipline and psychology can be trained… but it will cost a lot of time and money…

Unless... there was some way to instantly get on the same level as the trading 'Veterans'...

To instantly become just as disciplined and strong in psychology... as those traders who persisted for years in hard training.


In fact, such a way actually exists! Wanna know what it is?


Well listen: because an EA is a robot… it doesn’t need to deal with psychology and discipline.


These things are irrelevant to the EA, which simply executes the ‘simple mechanics’ with zero emotion.


This means that if you're using the exact same EA... with the exact same settings... as a certain successful trader... you have no choice but to be as successful as them!


And... because you're skipping the thousands of hours that normal traders would need to spend in training their discipline and psychology, you can do so literally overnight!


That’s not all... there are many more hidden benefits of using an EA... which clever traders are now exploiting to make big bucks... (I’ll cover them later)


Back to the story.


So I started using the EA... and... in just 6 short months, the EA brought me...

More than 650% Gain (ROI)!!


Think about it: for every $1 I put in, I took out $7.50.


You're gonna want proof, huh?


Good — I’d expect nothing less from you.


It's coming your way in a couple minutes...


But first... let me tell you the best part:

While the EA generously dispensed cash... I barely had to lift a finger to trade!

Sounds too good to be true?


Actually, you are right, because...


... while I didn't have to do any actual trading...


... I had to scour the news for 'turbulent' events that could turn the stock market upside down...


... I had to test... optimise... and tweak the EA to address uncontrollable market conditions...


And... most people forget this... but behind every successful trader...


... is the uncountable years and dollars sunk into gaining experience (remember, I was a big failure once!)...


... is the wisdom to interpret confusing events... and... take swift action to profit from it...


... is the priceless relationships he has earned over the years (such as with reliable brokers)!

Honestly... achieving this ‘650% Gain’ result is like achieving 'Straight As' in a final exam (by the way, I hate exams)...

What if... there was a way... for ANY trader... to access the delicious 650%-Gain-in-6-months-ish profits...

... AND receive FREE 'insider information' that protects him against the uncontrollable world events that has the power to throw his trading into chaos...

... without needing to spend a single minute in painful hard work (except execute a bunch of simple instructions)?

Great question!


In case you didn't catch it... in other words: "What if any trader could get the spectacular results I got, without crazy heap of hard work I put in?"


Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?


Surely if something like this existed, every smart Forex trader who discovers it would... scramble to lay their hands on it!

Well actually… it is now a dream come true.

But only for a very exclusive group of traders.


Here's the scoop: over the years, I have assembled a small following of elite traders who have cleverly noticed the enormous profits that my EAs were generating for me.


One of them, by the way, is an EA meant for growing what you have in a super-safe way (nearly as safe as U.S. Treasury Bonds).


I’ve deposited over $440,000 in one account, and that EA is yielding me 20-30% per annum...

A 13-20 times higher rate of return!


Today, you cannot buy it. I have taken it offline for personal reasons.


But... if I'll ever choose to offer it to the public again... the very first traders to get access... would be the members of a NEW 'trading fraternity'.


What’s this ‘trading fraternity’? It’s a group of elite level traders, most of which are my ‘disciples’ (those clever traders who follow me).


And these traders have been trading with something that nobody else out there, in the history of trading, has traded with before...


... which is my NEW EA (that brought me 650% gain, not the low risk one)


... to amass fortunes for themselves... despite putting in very little hard work.


And... this very exclusive group... is the ultimate answer to the question I posed above.


Its name is...

The Pipslayer Club!

The Pipslayer Club is THE ONLY WAY for any trader... to access the delicious 650%-Gain-in-6-months-ish profits...


... AND receive FREE 'insider information' that protects him against the uncontrollable world events that has the power to throw his trading into chaos...


... without a single minute of painful hard work!


Inside this private club, traders (who bought their way in with a one-year membership) can finally gain the ability to trade just as successfully as me… without putting in anywhere as much effort.


Here is why: ALL the hard work has been, and will be put in by ME, and I'll hand whatever they need for success to them on a silver platter.


I know that I sound pretty vague here. Rest assured that I'll go into the (exciting) details of the membership, but before I do so…

Here’s what traders are saying about The Pipslayer Club…

“Pipslayer’s gains are so insane you won’t believe your eyes.” - ‘KH’, Singapore


“I’m a trader in Hong Kong. Elland made me so much money, so fast, I'm gonna buy the man lunch next time I see him!” - ‘Eric’, Hong Kong


(Elland’s note: as much as he loves me, I think this guy is insane. His risk is really high. But his profits are insane too. Look! $5,200 in 1 month… without lifting a finger!)

“I’ve been following Elland for over 3 years now, and he’s the real deal. He tells it like it is. He gives genuine advice. He cares more about your profit than his own. I buy every EA he offers, because they all make me money. Pipslayer is no exception!” - Yov, UK


Plus! Check out my profit on one of my better days!


Pretty cool, eh? I hope you're getting excited. Personally, earning money makes me pretty excited.


Maybe you're a little skeptical too. If so, I understand! If I were in your position, I would be too, especially since all these results were supposedly produced without any 'actual' human trading.


Hold on... I’ll provide 100% 'bulletproof' proof later.

If you could stick with me for now (it's only about to get more incredible)... allow me to introduce…

What Members of
The Pipslayer Club Get…

370-Day License For The Pipslayer EA

The Pipslayer EA... is the legendary EA that brought me over 650% gain in 6 months!


It operates on pure strategy - minimal discipline and psychology involved


You can use it with MT4, the platform that you're familiar with


It's so easy to set-up, a 12 year old could do it!


Even if you're a complete Forex newbie, you can easily install Pipslayer.


If you have any trouble at all... I will personally give you VIP support, on my personal Telegram account.


Free software updates... as long as you own the license!


As market conditions change, I might make minor tweaks to the code.


All these updates come free of charge, so you can keep using the most profitable strategy I know of, at no extra cost.


This is something that isn't included in most other EAs. Usually, sellers stop caring after making the sale.


But because you're purchasing an annual license, and because I care about your financial success, I'll keep Pipslayer updated to the nines.


At no extra cost to you.

The Pipslayer Strategy: Secret Manual

The reason why a trader with 10 days of experience can use Pipslayer 99% as well as a trader with 10 years of experience.


This is my secret manual, where I'll be explaining Pipslayer's strategy to you.


Inside, you will:


>>> Learn the exact settings that got me over 650% in 6 months! (Of course, I can't promise that you'll achieve the same result. Different market conditions, different results - but it's a nice guideline.)


>>> Discover the risk-management system that lets me sleep soundly at night!


>>> Master Pipslayer's settings, so you can trade any way you want! (for experienced traders only)


>>> Learn 'stop-loss secrets' that made me a fortune!


>>> And much more insider info...

The Pipslayer Club - On Telegram

This is where where the members of our 'secret trading fraternity' gather. Honestly, it wouldn't be unreasonable to charge a trader $1,000 just to join this Telegram group!


In this exclusive group reserved for The Pipslayer Club's Members, you will receive:


>>> Insider trading news from 'Elland The Exceptional'... PLUS his insightful analysis, so that you can know in seconds exactly what it means to you!


>>> Recommendations, from yours truly, for other money making software, so you can safely spread your eggs among many baskets!


>>> First-priority access to new EAs built by 'Elland The Enormous-Profit Generator'... including the elusive EA (not Pipslayer)... which I have invested $200,000 inside... and compounds my money 20-30% year-on-year!


>>> Early access invitations to beta-test new EAs made by the 'Extraordinary Elland', that could bring you sacks of cash


Plus, you will also receive:


>>> Tips that will help you maximise your Pipslayer EA profit!


>>> Success stories that are sure to inspire you!


>>> Immediate alerts, if market conditions happen to cause Pipslayer to start losing money (which has hardly ever happened — even in market crashes — I'm providing proof in the next section)... plus recommended actions... so you remain profitable as consistently as possible!

Pretty amazing stuff,
don't you agree?

So incredible, that you may now find me un-credible (haha).


I admit, EAs have a pretty lousy reputation among traders.


I bet... when browsing trading forums… you've seen traders warn:


"Don't invest a single cent in an EA. It doesn't work, I've tried it before".


"You're gonna buy an EA? Don't, it's a scam."


“I have reviewed about 100 commercial expert advisors, many free EAs and back/forward tested many many different strategies... and not a single one worked on the long run.”


It is true that many EAs out there aren't worth a single cent you paid.


In fact, most of them are simply scams, with one goal - to cheat you of your money!


However, I believe that you're still here reading this, because you're impressed by my results (and maybe even interested to join the club)...

And yet you fear that it's too good to be true.

So… listen up now… because I’m about to…

Defend my Pipslayer EA!

(and The Pipslayer Club's Members… and my reputation)!

Here's why it is physically, literally, ethically IMPOSSIBLE for me to scam you...

If you have read my famous article "7 SECRETS I WISH I KNEW BEFORE I BOUGHT MY FIRST FOREX EA", you're probably now skeptical about buying an EA online.

If you haven't read it yet, here's the gist of it (note the green text)...


>>> In our industry, EA sellers that scam you by disappearing after you pay are only too common.


>>> To avoid them (and save yourself money), you should only buy from third-party retailers like Clickbetter, or with traceable payment methods like Visa, so you either get the EA or your money back.


>>> The disappearing sellers are bad, but the scam you should really worry about is the EAs that blow up your account. These EA sellers scam you by faking backtest results or showing only demo accounts.


>>> If the only 'proof' that a seller gives is backtest results and/or demo accounts... you should not trust them!


>>> The only reliable proof is third-party-verified results of real accounts (e.g. those found on MyFxBook).

Okay, let's see how
I practice what I preach!

"only buy from third-party retailers"

On this earth, only one place sells the Pipslayer EA - a third-party retailer called Clickbetter.


Clickbetter is an established website which handles millions of dollars of software sales every year... and... as a third party... they have no incentive for letting me scam you.


On Clickbetter, you may pay with MasterCard or Visa.


Why are these facts important?


Well, let's say I was a scammer out to cheat your money. You paid and I didn't deliver.


Then, because you paid with MasterCard or Visa, all you have to do is lodge a dispute... and you'll get your money back.


You see, it makes no sense for me to 'disappear' - because I wouldn't make any money when you lodge a dispute!


So... you can be damn sure you'll get your EA.


But... how can you be sure... that Pipslayer is worth what you paid?

"EA that blows up your account"

Story time. Once, I paid $799 for another EA — and the seller delivered. They recommended a $2,000 investment. So I invested $2,000. But when I woke up one morning...


BOOM! It blew up my account in one night!


$2.8k gone, just like that!


This EA wasn't worth a single cent I paid.


And it sucked — it sucked my time, money, and ego dry!


But, luckily for you, I've designed something that protects you against this...

My You'll-Make-Money Guarantee!

When you buy Pipslayer, you'll receive a PDF called "The Pipslayer Strategy: Secret Manual".


IF you do exactly as I say in there... and you lose money...


Simply show me proof, and ask for a refund.


I'll give 100% of your money back. Immediately.

In other words, I'm guaranteeing that you'll earn money with Pipslayer.

As it does for 99.6%++ of my members.


That's why I'm so confident.



"Don't trust 'backtest results' or 'demo accounts'."

Yep, you just asked indignantly, "Why?!"


Well, I've explained it fully in my article. If you want to learn more, kindly give it a read.


But, in essence, if an EA seller claims that his EA works, and the only 'proof' that he gives are backtest results and results from demo accounts...


There's a high chance he's scamming you!


Now, I understand I've made an outrageous claim telling you that the Pipslayer EA has earned me 650% in 6 months...


... especially since it implies I'm gaining an average of 3.37% every single day! (think of how most investments give you less than 3% in an entire year)


So... how will I prove my bold claims are true?



For the Pipslayer EA, I only show live (not backtested) and real (not demo) trading results.

There is no other way.


This is possible with the help of is a website that tracks live trading results.


I don't own it. It is a third party site. Thus I cannot manipulate anything shown on there.


Every win and loss is counted.


I can't delete bad results.

Please click on the link. Note the spectacular gains.


Remember that this isn't a demo account. They weren't made using fake credits. They are the real deal.


I've made real money using this.


To see for yourself - click on the link now.


I'll wait...

















If not, I implore you to click on the link now.


Please - I want you to see extraordinary-results-that-cannot-be-faked.












Okay, saw it? Good, thank you.


Do you like what you see? There might be a few newer guys joining us here, so allow me to quickly break down what you've just seen.


The graph you've seen (displayed below) shows the % Gain of my flagship account in Pipslayer EA.


651.28% in just 193 days!


And, as as verified, 100% real!
($18,402.04 in real profit!)

(I can't promise that anyone who uses the Pipslayer EA will get these results, of course. I'm simply showing you that it's possible, and it's what the Pipslayer EA has generated for me. However, all trading involves risk, and you may lose money)


My other accounts aren't doing so bad either. Click here (a different link from the one I've been trying to shove down your throat) to check them out.


Look at that! The 'high-risk account' (which is actually quite low risk, especially for veteran traders, in my opinion) shows that even if you're not going for 600% gain, it's absolutely possible to double your money in just 6 months without lifting a finger:


Overall, as of today (2/2/21, 10:02 a.m.) I’ve invested $27,158.23 in all my Pipslayer accounts… and have a balance of $61,268.56…


... an average of 225.60% Gain! In 6 months!


And of course, you've already seen my members' results above.


Those graphs were taken too — yes, I'm making real money for real people in The Pipslayer Club!

Question for you...

Would you also like me to trade — and make money — for you... while you barely even lift a finger?


If you think that scoring 651% (or even just 200%) ROI in 6 months looks attractive, and if you believe in my outrageous-but-true claims... that can be YOUR reality too!




My friend... I'm glad to announce... that you're now cordially invited to become a Member of The Pipslayer Club!


All you have to do say yes... and to invest in the membership fee... before you're on the road to amassing a fortune like mine... with a fraction of the effort I put in!

The FINAL Step Before Launching - The Price

I built the Pipslayer EA by standards of my own… and they’re uncommon standards, because…


… it required me to waste $21,254 and 5 years on EA hunting and building.


And even so! I’ve already earned $34,010.33 in PURE PROFIT in just 6 months (as of 2/2/21, 10:02 a.m.)...


… making the journey 100% — no, actually 160% — worth it!


It wouldn’t be unreasonable to charge you $21,254 for an annual membership fee to The Pipslayer Club (in fact, many big banks and investment centres would consider it a steal!)


In fact, I actually considered charging this price for half a second!

But then, I remembered…

The reason why I lost so much on EAs… was that in our trading world... if someone had a working EA, they sold it to nobody but the big cats.


Meanwhile, scammers preyed on our ambition… and us little guys got screwed.


While the rich corporations got richer, we just got jerked around… our money flying out of our pockets.


If I priced it so high, the big corporations would be the only ones who will benefit.


Hardly any of us would be able to afford a $21,254 EA.


Even today, if someone were to offer me an EA that will give me a guaranteed 651% ROI in 6 months, but costs $21,254…

I'll spit at them and say, "What are you, crazy?"

If you thought that $21,254 is nothing for me, you are wrong. Very wrong.


At the time I worked in construction (a decently high position) but it still took years of saving… of hiding money from the wife… a dollar at a time… to accumulate this sum.


It wasn’t fun!


If you asked me to do it again... I'd hesitate really hard.


So with these considerations in mind, I reasoned...


... since the EA has already generated enough profits to cover its costs, I’ll do a favour for my fellow ‘small fishes’ and charge lower.


Exactly how much lower?


Before I reveal the price... let me tell you a story.

"Elland, Why Don't You Charge More?"

One of my friends and most loyal supporters, Mark Dillard, who calls me his "Forex Mentor", texted me this on Telegram.


“Bro, this shit is big!”

“Working EAs in our market is rare. EAs that give 651% are even rarer.”

“1 in a million”

“So why are you only charging $XXXX?”

“Elland, why don’t you charge more?”


Then I asked him:

"How much would you charge?"


This is his reply:


“At least”


Well, what do you think?


To be honest with you… at $7,999 for a 1-year membership, it is a...


...“Deal-Of-The-Decade” to every ambitious and open-minded...


...“True Forex Trader”.

However, despite it being a 37.6% discount from the
original $21,254...

… $7,999 is a deal that only elite traders could access.


I didn’t want that.


I wanted an EA that 'starting-out Elland' would be comfortable with buying.


So I disagreed with Mark.

Wait, what was the 'censored' price?

Are you curious what it was?


You should be, because it’s your price!


The censored price is…


… drumroll please...


Over an 80% discount from the original $20k price!


Where on earth would you find such a good deal?


For a software that can produce 651% ROI in 6 months for someone… Only $3k?!

Ready to buy yet? Not so fast...

Hold on to your credit card... because it’s about to get better!

Cue: Global Shitstorm

Every trader remembers what happened when the global pandemic hit…


… the stock market went KABOOM…


… some (very few) smart traders earned a fortune…


… while others (the majority) got absolutely destroyed.


Many novice traders never really got back what they lost in the crash…


… even now.


Many quit.


I noticed all that… but when I realised that I had, on my hands, a tool that could flip their financial situation around...


… quickly, drastically...


… I wanted to get it into their hands ASAP.


But then, I also realised that… though lots of them are hungry… ready to learn and grow… and make money from forex… hardly any of them could afford $2,999 for an EA.

The Pipslayer Club is like the
"Rolls-Royce" of EAs

Did you know that over 65 percent of all Rolls-Royces ever made are still on the road today?


Because they last practically forever, buying a Rolls Royce is actually an ‘investment’, because it is cheaper in the long term.


Even so… most people… most car lovers… wouldn’t buy a Rolls Royce…


... because it’s so expensive up front!


Same thing — many traders know that Pipslayer would bring them riches worth much more than $2,999… but they can’t afford it at that price!

Here's your 'Founding Member' Opportunity!

The Pipslayer Club is still in its infancy.


It has a small community of very loyal users, some of which have already gotten insane results insanely quickly.


Take Eric, for example...

In just two weeks, he 1.5x-ed his $5,000 deposit without lifting a finger!


And... just two days later...

+10% more!


(Eric's results are not typical. Also, his page was once the star of my account, but now it's gone. Long story short, he got greedy... joined the dark side... and now I've sadly banned him. Maybe I'll share the full story one day.)

Now... this ‘baby’ will grow up into an adult very quickly...


... once all those 'mainstream' trading communities and trader influencers find out about The Pipslayer Club.


But… for now… if you join today while it's still under-the-radar… you’ll have the privilege of becoming one of our ‘Founding Members’!


To thank you for placing your trust in me, a 'stranger' you've just met over the internet...

As a 'Founding Member' of The Pipslayer Club, your price is $999!

Yep, $999.


Some called me crazy.


Mark Dillard, he called me a moron.


I’ve been called worse.


It doesn’t matter. I’m sticking by my guns.


Yes, it’s 96% off from $21,254.


Yes, I could be selling it to the big banks for over 100x that price.


But I’m doing this for those who are where I was when I was just getting started.


It’s one of the rare ‘real EAs’ out there… made by a little guy… for the little guys.

Not good enough for you?
Check this out:

"How you can get ME to pay for YOUR license!"

There’s a Chinese saying: ‘hearing about an item's merits a hundred times… is inferior to experiencing it for yourself once’.


Listen: I could tell you all about The Pipslayer Club all day long… but I know that it would be nowhere as convincing as letting you ‘try for yourself’.


When I see another trader succeed with the help of The Pipslayer Club, I feel fulfilled that I've helped someone skip years of painful trial and error.


So it's important to me that I get Pipslayer into the hands of as many people as possible.


That's why... I'm inviting you to ‘try for yourself’ with a free trial!

In the Free Trial, you will receive all Member Perks (including the incredible ‘The Pipslayer Strategy: Secret Manual’)...


… except two caveats:


1. You can only use my broker (so that we get a fair test)


2. You can only use the risk 1 setting (so that it’s super safe)


And… at the end of it…


If you choose not to continue, I’ll let you keep the ‘Secret Manual’ (which has many golden nuggets of wisdom that could save you money in your future trades).


No hard feelings.

But, I think that you will go ahead and purchase a full membership…


… because I am 99.98% certain that I will pay for part of your ticket!


It won’t be an astounding fortune, because you only get ‘risk 1’ (you can access greater risk with a full membership)...


… but it's a very reliable way to make more money than most other investments out there...


... and probably more than 80% of Forex traders out there (who lose money).


This is my member KH's first 10 days as a Risk 1 account:


With 3% Gain... he's earning the same amount in 10 days... as most other investors do in a year! (Now, after 3 months he's at 41.46%).

This is my 'scheme' to help you earn free money without paying a single cent for Pipslayer.

Or… if your budget is so tight, that you can can't even afford the minimum $1,000 investment...


... you may open a demo account with my broker too, so you risk absolutely nothing.


Frankly, if you're a relatively experienced trader...


… I see no reason why you wouldn't take me up on my free trial offer…


… especially with its insane Gain potential:


So today, my friend, explore this new money making opportunity with zero (literally zero) risk when you…

Why you need to Enter now!

(this title sounds wrong)

As you can probably tell, today’s offer of $999 is a ridiculous underpricing.


Outrageous. Unacceptable.


But… not for long!

Remember this number: 700%

You see, when my flagship Pipslayer account hits 700% (now at 651% as of 2/2/21)...


I will increase the price to the next tier.


The next tier is $1,399 (it is not the end)!


And, the 651% is growing faster than I anticipated…


… so, if you are even considering a Pipslayer Club Membership…


… and don’t wish to pay 40% more for it (in the near future)…


… you know what to do, my friend!

Why you need to Enter Now!
(part 2)

The second magic number you need to know is: 1000%


This magic number is even more important than the first.




Because… when Pipslayer’s flagship account’s Gains hit 1000%, I’ll take the the Pipslayer EA private.


This page will go *poof* - and you won't see it again... for a long time... or... forever!


At 1000%, there really isn’t much reason to continue selling. (10x my money? Where can I get something like this!)


Plus, this move protects my profits… because… if I over-sell (which many EA sellers do, because they’re in the business only to earn broker commissions)...


… the algorithm will be over-used… which may reduce my future profits.


So… I’m keeping The Pipslayer Club exclusive to the ‘elite traders’ who see the a

We're all traders here...

That's why there's no issue discussing this stuff with you.


Because I know that you understand it... from an investor's perspective.


We're all in the business of using money to make more money...


... so this is my invitation to you... to take advantage of this unique opportunity right now...


... while it's still at the lowest price it ever has (or ever will) be offered...


... because soon, it'll be gone for good.

In the next few minutes... here's what's gonna happen.

By clicking any red button on this page, you'll '"scroll to the offer summary" at the bottom of the page, where...


1. You'll be taken to a secure, third-party page to pay.


2. After paying, you'll receive a download link in your email


3. Download the software file in the link.


4. Shoot me a message on Telegram (contact details below) so I can help you activate the account. Tell me your broker's account number in MT4, and your VPS.


Plus: if you still face any issues, contact me again on Telegram... so I can personally install Pipslayer for you

Your Triple Guarantee

Your anti-scam guarantee.

Because I've experienced so much hurt getting scammed so many times... I have made it impossible for me to scam you.


Clickbetter, a third party platform, handles all money and refunds.


I can't take your money and disappear.


My results are true - verified by, a third party website, which tracks all Pipslayer results - LIVE.

Your results guarantee.

If you do as I tell you... and you lose money...


Simply show me proof, and ask for a refund.


I'll give 100% of your money back. Immediately.


In other words... I'm guaranteeing that the Pipslayer EA will make you money!

Your can't-get-lost guarantee.

That's the deal!

You either receive:


+ The EA which has generated 651% gain in 6 months for me...

+ Plus personal help from my support line...

+ And earn money from investing in it…


Or... I’ll refund your entire investment on The Pipslayer Club...


...and you keep the Secret Manual, for free.


Sounds good?


Are you ready!

There are three types of traders in the investing world.

TRADER ONE: Traders who do nothing

This is the easiest type of trader to be.


It's the easiest for traders who:


>>> already have a thriving investment portfolio


>>> already studied the big trading strategies and principles


>>> already has the knowledge of a world-class trader


>>> already established prestige among their trading circle


>>> already earns thousands of $$ a day... or millions a year


Every time a trader chooses to do nothing (or doesn't need to do something)...


... there's a valuable lesson to be learned...


... and if that's you, I applaud your success.


But, if that's NOT you (yet), then there's a second type of trader out there.

TRADER TWO: Traders who do it all on their own.

This is the hard one to become.


Sure, it may take you a little while, maybe even nearly a decade (like me).


But, is it impossible? Not at all.


Not if you invest $21,254 and 5 years learning how to build a profitable EA

Not if you spend a few hundred hours obsessively learning about all things Forex


Every time a trader chooses to figure out everything on their own...


... there's a valuable lesson to be learned...


... and if that's you, I commend your courage to brave it solo...


... because I know first-hand what the level of work demands of you.


But, if that's NOT you either, then there's a third type of trader out there.

TRADER THREE: Traders who partner up with somebody.

This is the exciting one to become.


These are the clever traders... who work with those who are at where they wanna be.


And these traders... would instantly jump at the opportunity to work with...


>>>  someone who's built one of the world's best EAs accessible to the common trader


>>> someone who's ridden up his EA to a 651% gain in 6 months


>>> someone who's already put in the hard, painful work


>>> someone who's willing to share the fruits of that labor with you.


Out of those three traders... which one would you have to become... to get what you most desire?

Only 49% Gain left
at this $999 price

A time bomb has now been set...


... for the traders who take advantage of this unique opportunity...


... but... once my flagship account has risen to 700%... the price increases.


It's the truth. Mark my word.


As I'm posting this image...


... there are already 20 'Founding Members' in The Pipslayer Club.


(That's what I'm calling the first few 'pioneer' traders who see the value in this opportunity and take immediate action.)


That's the caliber of trader I want to mentor.


If you're ready to start slaying pips, click the red button below to "scroll to offer summary" at the bottom of this page.

I'll spit at them and say, "What are you, crazy?"


Before opening The Pipslayer Club to the public, I sent some trading friends this 'letter of invitation'... and... they asked me a bunch of questions.

It's an exclusive group of elite traders who uses the Pipslayer EA to trade. These traders are empowered to slay pips harder, with less effort, than other traders out there, because...


... they own a Pipslayer EA license which enables them to trade 24/5... without touching the computer


... they are protected by the valuable knowledge in the 'Secret Manual'


... they are in The Pipslayer Club Telegram Group, which compounds their money making ability thanks to...


... Exceptional Elland keeping them informed about trading news, including the uncontrollable world events that could throw their trading into chaos (plus, insights about what exactly each piece of news means to them, courtesy of my deep trading wisdom)


... recommendations about other money making software to help them build multiple income streams


... first priority access to my upcoming EAs, many of which present exciting moneymaking opportunities



The moment you complete your order, your confirmation page will display a (colour) download link, where you can quickly and safely download your new EA straight onto your computer.


To start using your Pipslayer EA, you will receive an access code within 24 hours via email. You can then proceed to set the rest of the EA up, with the peace of mind that I'll be here to personally give you technical support should you need any.



You expected me to say 'yes', didn't you?


Well, let me explain...


Trading in the Pipslayer club carries risk. But don't let that scare you off. All trading involves risk. In fact, everything we do involves risk. From eating, drinking, working, sleeping, crossing the road - risk is ever present.


If you don't want to take risks, you have only one option: don't trade. You'll lose no money - and earn nothing too. But, if you truly want to make some serious money, then you need to take the risk.


However, I have done everything in my power to decrease the risk for you.


To destroy any possibility that I'm a 'scam', I have done two things...


Firstly, I have a refund policy... so if you prove that my recommended settings makes you lose money on a live trading account… within 30 days from your purchase… I'll give you your refund, no questions asked.


Secondly, I made it unreasonable for me to disappear... by protecting our 'contract' with a third party retailer, Clickbetter, which handles money and refunds on my behalf. And, I've posted all live results publicly on the third party which prevents me from faking the results I've shown you, so you can be sure I'm the real deal.


Beyond that, as my client, you get constant, free mentoring from me via Telegram... so you tap into the very same wisdom that took nearly a decade to hone... and has earned me many many thousands... which can shortcut years of stumbling around in darkness... decreasing your risk significantly


And, we can practice good trading habits... like only risking what we can afford to lose... not getting bank loans and over leveraging... using the safer settings... starting small and rolling the ball... principles that I'll teach in the The Pipslayer Strategy: Secret Manual.


So... the risk isn't zero... but the risk is low... and the reward... is high!


One more thing... if you really want absolutely zero risk... I've got a way.


You'll get absolutely zero reward too... but if you are really so risk averse, this is for you.


Follow these steps:

  1. Apply for a free trial

  2. Create a demo account with my broker

  3. Trade 10 days with $0.00 on the line, to see for yourself that Pipslayer works


Easy as 1-2-3. Start your free trial here.

NO again! All trading comes with risk and you may lose money. However, as I've explained above... I've done everything in my power to reduce the risk of losing money.


And, of course, the potential reward with Pipslayer could be spectacular!

The Pipslayer EA, so far, has worked for 99.6+% of my clients.


And, if you haven't traded with EAs before, or even never touched trading before...


... you won't be the first person making money with Pipslayer without prior experience!


Honestly, it's pretty easy, but it's too much to explain here. Shoot me a text on Telegram (click 'contact me' below) so we can chat!


I can't wait to hear from you and start making money for you!

I recommend Anzo Capital Limited for Pipslayer. It's the broker that got me 650% gain, and the other spectacular results you've seen.


I like it for many reasons… like its responsive support team… the fact that it's regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) and the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) of Belize… its prompt withdrawal of funds… its fast trade execution… its competitive spreads and commissions...


However, note that it doesn't accept U.S. traders.


Plus, when you use my broker, you'll also save $111 on your Pipslayer license.


Open an account here.

The minimum amount I'd recommend is $1,000. And to rake in serious cash with high risk trading, I'd recommend $3,000.


However, Pipslayer also works with cents trading. With just $10, you can start trading with a real account!


Ultimately, it depends on your risk appetite. Eric, my 'hungriest' client, started investing with a deposit of $5,000.

A few days before your 370-day license expires, you'll get a message reminding you to renew your license.


However, if you missed it, and choose not to renew (though I can't imagine why), I'll either:


1. Instruct the bot to close your current trades for you

2. Extend your license for a few days to close your trades


No problem!

Great question.


My recommendation is this…


If you have even the slightest voice in your head telling you that you need this, jump on the opportunity... listen to your intuition...


... before the price goes up $400.


If anything, please don't deprive yourself of the new opportunity. If you aren't ready yet, start with a free trial first.

If that's that case for you, I can empathize with that. I've been in the position before and it's a really challenging position to be in.


Please send me a direct text on Telegram (below), and I'll do my best to work something out with you.

One of my clients texted me this pic…



Some Forex Facebook page - a classic one, filled with pictures of the young trader buying fast cars and luxury items - made a post advertising a $27 EA.


A $27 EA that brought in $36,000 profit?


Even more incredible than what I'm claiming... and most certainly a scam.


I told him,

"Looks good, right? Well...

Consider this...

If you went parachuting…

… would you trust a $50 second-hand parachute with your life?

If you went rock climbing…

… would you trust a $5 rope to catch you when you fall?

If you put $1,000 into an account…

… would you trust a $27 EA to make that $37,000… or even $6510?

Think about it."


Remember... EA trading isn't expensive when you buy the EA… EA trading only becomes expensive when the EA blows your account up!


If you get the $27 EA, you might save on the $500 cost of an EA, but you will almost certainly lose the $1,000 invested in the account…


... and, we haven't even considered the thousands of missed dollars that the more expensive EA would have earned you!

Most people think it's too good to be true when I offer such a powerful EA for sale… but I'm doing it for one reason: GIVING BACK!


I've been scammed of $21k+, leading to months wasted… weeks of frustration...


And I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. Least of all you.


This opportunity is for the 'small fishes', the 'little guys' - finally a real way for us to make serious cash, fast.


Take it up if you want.

Different question?

Or do you just wanna have a chat? I'd love to talk.

Shoot me a text on Telegram:

Well, at the end of the day...

I don't really care whether you buy or not. Because with an average Gain of 225.60% in 6 months without needing to give a single damn, I'm already raking in serious cash.


All I'm doing on this page is offering you a scam-free EA that works. Because I've gone through so much pain searching for one… and failing… and I want to help you skip that.


Cut ahead in the line to riches. Try Pipslayer out while protected by my 30-day refund guarantee.


And remember... if you're going to... you must accept your invitation today! My flagship account's LIVE gain, today, is THIS... and... as soon as it reaches 700%, you'll have to pay $400 extra.


I look forward to seeing you in The Pipslayer Club.


Keep Slaying Those Pips!

- Elland McKennon


P.S. If you're one of those busy people who just jump directly to the bottom of the letter (like me), here's the deal:


You are invited to join The Pipslayer Club - an exclusive community of traders that use The Pipslayer EA to earn mountains of blue pips and heaps of cash. Finally! We have a Forex EA that works like it should (651% gain in 6 months) and isn't a scam, at a price that us 'little guys' could afford!


Click on the coloured links now to learn more, or click here to accept your invitation now!


P.P.S. I treat each and every new member like a VIP. So if, right now, you have any problems, let me know on Telegram here. I'll make sure you're satisfied!